Yordan Yordanov

My name is Yordan Yordanov and I am the owner and founder of the Belgian Shepherd Rila Mountain Malinois. Since I remember myself, I have been working with dogs!
I have been dedicated to the things I love and animals are my biggest love. My first official contact with training was in with Milka Von Linz Lammerhauber a Rottweiler covering the BH / IPO / FH. My others dogs were Event of Barking Stars Malinois, which has concreted FH1 /FH2 and Daneskjold Comtesse with IPO FH1,FH2 which had won every distinction in working dogs Competitions. In addition Lida Rilaplanina which has won BH/IPO/IPO2/FH1.  I also had the incredible joy of presenting Bulgaria at two world championships with Boris RilaPlanina-IPO-3 / FH1/2 in 2012 and 2013.

After Milka I got the desire to learn as much I could about dogs, training-feeding-raising-breeding. I started to be interested in the best dog coaches and I met them personally and be taught everything I know. I even organized and participated in seminars with Maoro Pasareli, Roberto Donini, Geert Verlinden , Armin Buschman, Izmayel De Voss, Mario Werslipe, Edgard Scherkl, Pieter Scherk, Florian Knabl, Ivan Balabanov, Andre Vandergetten, Martin Pessa, Markus Neutz and many others … My knowledge was enough then, so I started my career in dog training and managing behaviors. I worked as a trainer and “helper” in Schutzhund training club Greece and sporting dog training Kamatero Greece, as well as in kennel Del Vento Margio Greece. My professional path continued in the Doberman Club of Greece, Marathon Land and SmartDog as a trainer and helper, too.
Last but not least, I have to mentioned that I have worked and trained many different breeds who have participated in world championships. My passion is my work. My vision is a better world for human’s best friend, the dog. My will is to be a part of this better world of trained-happy dogs.

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