School for Pets

Building a mutual trust with our pet it’s the key to a happy relationship. Training is the way to achieve this. Training a dog requires many hours of occupation with the dog, playing and rewards. Dogs don’t know how to behave among people, kids or other dogs. They don’t know how not to mess the house, to stay near to us, to respond when we call them, not to bother at lunch time etc. We have to guide them how to obey so as to live happy with us and we with them.

Our training-school guarantees excellent results of obedience at the basic rules (sit-down-stand-stay-next to) We are the specialists who will spend the time you need to have a basic-trained dog. We are to show you the way of training and achieving whatever extra “order” you want to teach to your dog, as well as giving the needed time of pressure valve to your dog during the sessions.

Training of dogs requires knowledge and experience. Thankfully, all over the years we have managed to apprentice near to the best trainers in the world. I mention ostensive some of the trainers we have worked with: Maoro Pasareli, Roberto Donini, Geert Verlinden , Armin Buschman, Izmayel De Voss, Mario Werslipe, Edgard Scherkl, Pieter Scherk, Florian Knabl, Ivan Balabanov, Andre Vandergetten, Martin Pessa, Markus Neutz and many others. We never give up pursuing knowledge and we set as daily goal to become even better. There is no breed which can not be taught, no dog which can not learn… but your dog could reach the best level of training. A trained dog is a happy dog!!


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