Radostina Yordanova

My name is Radostina Yordanova and I am a co-founder and co-owner of the Belgian shepherd breeders “Rila Mountain Malinois”. I´m a big fan of dogs since I was a little girl! I have spent my whole life living with dogs and I don’t regret not even a single moment with them. I have learnt so many things about their life, their needs, their food, their training and I still do.
Together with my husband, Yordan Yordanov and our son, Svetoslav Yordanov, we built and created our Kennel and Training Club based on our endless love for animals and especially for dogs. When we first started, I was psychologically unprepared for all the things I was going to face in breeding and training dogs, but after almost 20 years of experience I managed to achieve every goal we set.

I give all my attention and I work hard to become day by day better to this field. I wish everyone could know the joy of collaborating with man´s best friend, the dog.


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