Послушание за кучета

Do you ask yourself how can you reach the highest level of obedience, tracking or/and guarding of your pet? RilaPlanina Mountain Malinois Kennel with experience up to 25 years of professional dog-training guarantees the best results of training.

Private Training is a section of lessons that has two types of teaching: private group lessons and one-person private lessons. Group lessons take part at our kennel and only, we have form an appropriate place for private training based on European standards. Based on your tailor made program you will be provided with a section of lectures and real action lessons until you reach your willing level. Your tailor made program will be formed based on the above sections of private lessons:

  • Tracking. Your pet has the ability of participation to these courses after the 42nd day of its life in order to improve and empower its abilities in time and with schedule. This prosses set as goal the top ability of tracking either in adverse or conductive situations. Tracking could contribute in dog-sport competitions (like FH, IGP etc.) or tracking drugs, explosives, even as a hobby.
  • Obedience/Body Guarding. Obedience comes from the scratch. Basic training reveals to the dog and the trainer-owner the right and healthy communication between them, in order to live happy together. Professional obedience training gives every information the owner-trainer needs to reach a high level of obedience, in order to guide his dog at competitions or to lease him and have no fear of loosing him. Competitions of morphology or workdogs are based on obedience, no dog which is not trained can participate.
  • Protection/ Guarding. Dogs have no instinct of providing protection to others, except of the female which has gave birth. Dogs are predators, they attack to others in self defense or in hunting. This procedure we try to mimic, that’s why we have as moto “Back to pure nature”. We pay attention basically on the “bit”. We start from the very first day to guide our four-leg friend on the right way of bit and the right intense of bit. Obedience is also a huge part of guarding. We have to earn dog’s respect to provide us protection. So, there are different types of guarding. It is up to you to choose among the guarding of a person, security of a place, join the force or the police, or participating in competitions.

In addition, if you already have trained your dog but you need some more training information, advice, guidance and push, we are here to provide you with personal or group seminars so as to reach the highest level of training.


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