Our Kennel starts its existence in 1998. Back then we were just two people filled with passion for dogs. We had as friend a Rottweiler since we saw a Malinois. It was love at the first site. This breed had and have everything we love: Passion, strength, obedience, love and intelligence. We started by owning two Malinois dogs, one male (Event od barking stars) and one female (Orka Zet). And that was just the beginning. After some years we owned two females more (Daneskjold Comtesse and Daneskjold Gaya), all from one of the best kennel in the world at Denmark. These dogs gave us magnificent puppies which started our “line”. One more female (Laifi van de Haantjeshoek) came to us from a top Belgian kennel and we continued the breeding. Last but not least, one more female (Rhea Radinela) has come to us the last few years. We didn’t stop on breeding only with our dogs. We managed births with dogs from all over the world, but always being based on dogs’ characteristics and health.

Back in 90´s there were many Malinois dogs with fears of people, sounds or dogs. We faced a lot of problems to recognize those who had no fears and had the same characteristics as our dogs. We studied a lot and risked in every single birth! In consequence of hard work and study, we have always reached our goals.

We always have in mind of breeding healthy and communicative dogs with proper character. We pay attention on them to be friendly with people and dogs and to have a strong bite. We never thought of matching only champions or known dogs just for the fame. All that matters to us is for puppies to be healthy, strong and under the “line” we have chosen to be, with specific characteristics and excellent character.

We also tried and still try to give to our dogs a natural life, near to their ancestors, who lived free in nature. We mimic this type of life by feeding them with handmade raw food and one day per week not to feed them at all, because in nature there is not such thing, such having to eat each day. We also take them 2-3 times a week to the mountains and forests to explore, smell, hunt and increase their natural habits.

During these years, our puppies have became excellent adult dogs and have been adopted from families all over the world. They have gone to Switzerland, Germany, Bulgary, Greece, USA, Russia, Italy, Israel, Cyprus, Romania etc. In addition, some dogs (like Conan RilaPlanina, Derbi RilaPlanina, Daniela RilaPlanina, Gator RilaPlanina, Boris RilaPlanina, Debbie RilaPlanina, Felix RilaPlanina, Farrow RilaPlanina, Forrest RilaPlanina and others) have been adopted to the police, military and navy. Especially, some of them became specialized dogs on tracing drugs and explosives.  Also, others of then took part on national and international contests like IPO (now: IGP, Mondioring. Agility) or Morphology Contests and have won many titles!

All of these years we never stopped to love them and treat or dogs as our kids. We spent and still spend so many hours of attention, training and treatment. We are proud for these dogs in every way! We choose strictly the “parents” as we want to love and treat them as we were.


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