Are you up to vacations and you don’t know where to leave the dog? Are you busy with work and you are not able to personally care for the dog? RILA PLANINA has the answer and the amenities to that! We are located in “Rila Mountain Malinois”, Damyanovo, Bulgaria and we are masters on dog sitting. Here dogs will be treated with love and respect. We are able to provide them with everything they need in the best level and still feel as their home.

We are able to provide to the dog the best amenities:

  • playing with other dogs. Your pet will communicate, play and have fun with other dogs, which are friendly and similar in character and morphology to yours
  • 3 times a day go out for its needs. These walks could be free at the kennel’s yard, with a trainer out in the forest, or with a trainer out in the city.
  • healthy and clean space to sleep and relax. All dog houses, crates and boxes daily cleaning.
  • daily feeding based on your instructions,
  • health and medical treatment if it’s needed (contractor)
  • grooming if it is asked. (contractor)

You have to worry for nothing! We are here for you and especially for your pet.


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